How To Improve The Outcome Of Your Criminal Case

Are you accused of a crime such as murder, theft, assault or drug possession? Police investigations and court processes can be a challenging affair. Read this excerpt to learn how you can improve the outcome of your case. 

Work With An Experienced Criminal Law Firm

When choosing a criminal law firm, evaluate the following:

  • Who will you work with? The lawyer handling your case should be experienced. Check his or her track record to know how many cases he or she has won in the past.
  • For complicated cases such as murder and corruption, choose a law firm that assigns paralegals to work on your case.
  • Client-lawyer disputes may arise once you engage the law firm. As such, consider law firms with a friendly dispute resolution mechanism.
  • How much will the law firm charge? Most firms have an hourly charge. However, you will incur extra fees, such as administration and investigative charges.


Proper investigations are the backbone of your criminal case. There are two aspects of a criminal investigation. Police investigations are used by the prosecution to prove their case in court. Your lawyer will also conduct his or her own investigations to determine the facts of your case. You must be truthful to your lawyer. Do not lie or hide information from him or her. The professional will go through surveillance camera footage, witness statements, your phone records and financial documents to establish the conditions under which you committed the alleged crime. Further, he or she will examine police reports to identify weaknesses in their investigation. For example, police are not allowed to use material evidence that was acquired illegally. 

Follow Court Orders

Most law firms will help you secure bail to ensure you stay out of jail before the judge makes a ruling. Other than the money presented in court, the judge will also set the terms of bail. For example, you may be asked to report to the local police station every week. Besides, the judge may prohibit you from leaving the country or accessing the scene of the crime. You must abide by these rules. Otherwise, the judge could penalise you.

Personal Conduct

Your lawyers will advise you on personal conduct during the case. For instance, you should not contact the victims and their family members. Besides, you should avoid making statements about the case. The prosecution could use these statements against you in court.

Improve the results of your criminal case by hiring a reputable criminal law firm, conducting proper investigations, following court orders and observing the recommended personal conduct tips.

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